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Among replica prada bags most luscious new arrival so far, a small edgy clutch with jewel-like stones caught my attention. I flashed back to the days when I needed to take out my beautiful black dress for the unusual evenings where friends and family gathered. The new clutch will coordinate with all of your night chic outfits, from pants to dresses.

The most embarrassing moment you could ever encounter is when a jewelry on your designer bag falls on the ground and your colleague or friend is kind enough to grab it for you, especially when everyone is watching. Oh, how kind, you’d wish there was a hole in the ground so you can stick your head in like an ostrich. But luckily for us, Prada is known for its impeccable quality, you need at least a solid hammer to pull the jewel-stones off.

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I love how the color black can play effortlessly with almost any outfit that you’ve in your wardrobe, while the stones is loaded with flashy ‘bling bling’, making you the notable person for the tonight. The clutch itself is mostly made from satin and finished with leather lining. And the iconic Prada logo is spotted on the front, perfect!

This clutch is available on Fendi Bags Replica-store for $2,150 or at your local boutique.