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This Shopping Bag was one of balenciaga replica handbags new inventions when they moved away from their tradition – the motorcycle-inspired handbag styles.

It was considered a simple tote bag with a flaunting logo crafted in the center. The bag feels minimalistic and streamlined due to the single color option and smoothness.

However, the house just launched a new size – the XXS size. Is this a game changer? Is this a super cute tote bag or does it look cheap?

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The Replica Celine Handbags is the smallest size available. The handbag also goes against the conventional fashion wisdom because when we think of shopping totes, we instantly think of big interior.

However, this is not a big bag, it’s a small shopping tote. The center is purposely crafted with a medium-sized logo for bragging. And it stands out due to the combination of color like black and white.

More over, it’s made from soft naturally grained calfskin featuring thin nappa handles. The strap can be used for shoulder or cross body carry but can easily be removed. The strap is 55 cm long.

And there is also a handy aspect. You see, the bag can be folded like a paper bag. You fold it from the bottom! So it can also be easily transportable.